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News / Handball Baltic league will culminate in Vilnius

Baltic Handball League

2011.03.25 14:25

Handball Baltic league will culminate in Vilnius

For the winner of main season, Põlva Serviti, is Baltic League one of the most important tournaments in year says Kalmer Musting but unfortunately they can´t go there with their best squad because on wednesdays league match Tauri Volt and Siivo Sokk got injured addition to that is not sure if Raido Peedoma, who still struggles with injury, can play. After all this Musting is glad that their opponent in semi-finals is Sviesa. „During the main season they were suitable opponents for us“ remembers Musting. „But they have strenghtened their team and I am not looking for a easy match because the league is very even and all the teams are competitive. To characterize Sviesa can be use the words speed and technicality.“ 

Head coach of Sviesa Evaldas Lipinskas thinks that Serviti is a hard opponent for them. „During main season we lost both games to them. We were not playing our best game but the opponent didn´t let us to play any better,“ says Lipinskas. „Home ground have to help us now, even we got a suprise defeat in home league but hopefully we will get over it before Baltic league games. In anothet semi-final I assume that the favorite is Kehra because they have been proven their game lately. Addition to that Cocks have had longer break and in professional level these things always affects performance.“

Losing the first place at the last round of main season doesn´t discourage Cocks says Raivo Laast. „Our objective in main round was a place in top two and we compleated that,“ says Laast. „In Baltic league all the teams are strong, so there is on difference against who we will play in semi-finale. I´ll be satisfied even if we lose after a tight game. But we would like to achive a better place than fourth. As we got stright through to semi-finale in Finnish league and meanwhile there was a national teams break, we haven´t have any games. So I can´t say whats the situation in team at the moment.“

Jüri Lepp, main coach of Kehra/Horizon Pulp&Paper would like to play against Serviti in semi-finale. „Serviti is a well known opponent to us, who we know very well,“says Lepp. We did beat Cocks once turning main season but at that time they were missing Kristo Järve. In conclusion Finnish advantage is collusion and long bench. I think that semi-finale will be harder to us than the second game.

Schedule  Final Four in Vilnius

26.03. (at 13.00) Riihimäki Cocks – HC Kehra/Horizon Pulp&Paper
26.03. (at 15.00) Põlva Serviti– Vilniuse VHC Sviesa
27.03. (at 13.00) 3rd place match
27.03. (at 15.00) Finale