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Baltic Handball League

2010.09.26 21:56

Champions lost the first game

At the end of September unexpectedly started the new season in the Baltic Handball league. Already on the first day champions of Baltic and Estonia "Polva Serviti" lost the first game. In the home match Latvian champions "LSPA" beat Estonians by 28:24. On the next day of the tournament "Polva Serviti" won the game over Dobeles "Tenax" from Latvia but the only team who won both matches was "HC Kehra/Horizon Pulp & Paper".

At the first Kehra easily beat Dobeles "Tenax" but day later took hard win over "LSPA". Now Kehra are on the lead of the Baltic Handball league.

The new season started in September 24th with duel of newcomers from Lithuania. At their home sport hall "VHC Sviesa" won "Zemaitijos Dragūnas" by 26:25. The only team from Finland "Riihimaen Cocks" on the first day quite easily took win over Vilnius team but next day suddenly didn’t show their best performance and lost to team "Dragūnas".

From the first matches it seems that the new season of Baltic Handball league is going to be very interesting and exciting. "HC Kehra/Horizon Pulp & Paper" is the only team which has two victories and Dobeles "Tenax" is the only team too which had lost both games. All other teams in the first matches earned two points. Season has just started…

The best four teams of regular tournament after two rounds will get a chance to play in FINAL 4 which will be held in Lithuania (has the first hand to organize it) at the end of March.

Foto: Meelis Heli